A never-ending mix of intangible ingredients, expertly woven together by improvisation and experience. These make up the secret recipe of the brand – on the frontier of all concepts, yet free from allegiance to any one of them: a fine boundary on the edge of elsewhere, inviting us into the beyond.



They are called Creations, but in reality Monolilith, Icara, Barracuda, Mantide are Creatures. They came into the world as if in a fairytale epic. born from the pursuit of an idea, the pursuit of perfection – honed by an obsession that is constantly reinvigorated by doubt and uncertainty, by torment and disillusion – right up to the moment when their every sign and gesture is finally perfect – the triumph of Order.



To follow Nature is to get to know the potential of every surface – to attune oneself so fully to its every contour that the final cut in vivo is flowing and flawless The creation process is like an attentive and skillful feat of dressage, where horse and rider become one being. The hands of the craftsman create not only a masterly object, but a piece imbued with a life and soul of its own – tranquil, soft, relaxed and flexible, no mere accessory.



It is an undisciplined brand to be sure, a true Outsider. Here there are no deadening labels, definitions or constraints. The sole commandment is the pursuit of excellence, the Optimum. The raw material of beauty and ambition await the guiding hand of the sculptor, the loving caress, the final act of courage, the final coup de grace. The style is not blemished by the dictates of luxury, prevailing trends or mainstream fashion. It has its own unique rhythm – unexpected, startling, original…



Miniature exercises in modernity with echoes of a vanishing past. Contemporary flourishes that recall the masterly Italian skills of distant history. To sustain this identity, our greatest strength, we constantly strive to create new classics and offer a new vision of the future at every turn. Memory means Movement: looking back gives us the impetus to move forward.



Memory is our archive, our showroom the wizard’s cave. This is the gallery of the Clockwork Orange where the exhibitor is a raptor’s claw. Your eyes are our social network, your emotions our press office. We came into the world to give you pleasure, to create order from chaos, to celebrate pure form, minimal and clean: seams that tell no lies, hinges that hide nothing. Here only the Real matters. Sincerity in every last detail is the true essence of Revolution.



A summing-up of all art, that intimate and mysterious language, its own best translator. Art: art born of boredom, then stimulated by black humour, alchemy, playfulness, anarchy – born in a simple drawing and then infinitely elaborated – a process by turns restless, wrong, questing, applying, experimenting… but always striving to become what it is and nothing else: Art. And of course there is much else, not yet ours to know…