The artists tells:

“Perhaps we could think of a fashion shoot such a film – says Dario. The technique that allows more than all storytelling is cinema. With ideas about the cinema we start to develop our story. Immediately we are all drawn from the same piece of Bonomea’s collection, perhaps the most emblematic, which is based static and elegant like a stone: Monolilith.
Mysterious like a black hole and atavistic as the shape of the triangle that outlines, it makes us imagine astral places, lunar, where the most ancient forms and alien are always welcomed. A Western desert with an element that conceals its three-dimensionality. How to represent a lunar space? Between our speeches emerges three still from the film “Strawberrie’s place” by Ingmar Bergman. What interests us is the climb; the scale as a measure, passage, almost a mission. We imaged a female figure, infant, which goes hand in hand with a dog, a Great Dane. The dog that is almost the primordial element, who creates a disproportion which is not only weird, but real; and again, we think of a lunar path, unpacked prospects and infinite sense. We choose the piece of Bonomea’s collection and those huge imaginary, lunar and desert.
The dog is the guardian of the other element of this mysterious triangular shape.
We focus us on the canine aspect, of representing him as a body, sometimes graceful and metamorphic.”